It’s that time of year again when I want to pay it forward to my wonderful friends and clients by giving you all the opportunity to win Greenskeeper passes to the one and only WM Phoenix Open! Your trust in me to capture important moments for you, and your reliable referrals to your friends, family and corporations help keep my business running, and I am truly, truly grateful for your support of my company and my passion.

First, whats up for grabs here!? All winners will go home with a pair of tickets, because who wants to go The Open alone!? Greenskeeper passes include entry into The Open as well as entry into the fun and popular Greenskeeper Pavilion which includes food and drinks, and great views of golf…and streakers. M

Tuesday (2 passes to Greenskeeper – $500 value) – Practice rounds plus Dream Day Activities and The Special Olympics Open – A great day to bring the kids!

Wednesday (2 passes to Greenskeeper – $700 value) – The Annexus Pro-AM!! MICHAEL PHELPS, PATRICK PETERSON, ARCHIE BRADLEY AND JUSTIN VERLANDER, just to name a few. The Shot at Glory (16th hole) – AND I will be there that day, so let’s hang!

Thursday (2 passes to the Birdsnest (SOLD OUT!) – $200 value) – Jake Owen, Lee Brice and Michael Ray! 

Sunday Funday (2 Greenskeeper passes – $700 value) – WM Open Final Day, Round 4! Who will be The Open Champion this year!!??

There are six different ways to win, you can do all of them or only one, but the more you do, the more chances you have to win. Here are the details on how you can enter to win:

  1. This is the big one, it’s a 3-pointer – Write my business a review on Google. If you’ve already done this in the past, thank you (See the alternate option on #2)!! These reviews simply show people who are stressfully searching the interwebs for a photographer, that Courtney Lively Photography is a legit business…. you help my business get exposure – you help that poor sole find a real legit option – and everyone wins! I mean you too, because you might be walking away from this with two tickets to the greenest and greatest show on grass! (Not sure how to write a review on Google? Head to the bottom of this post and I’ve detailed out instructions.) (3pt)
  2. Refer CLP to a friend (via email) with my contact info, who you feel would be a good fit (Business or personal) – Forward me the referral email (3 pt)
  3. Like and follow my business Instagram account @courtneylivelyphotography – Maybe leave a comment or two on images that jump out at you? The more comments on my images, the more people Instagram will show the images to, so interaction is HUGE. Thank you!! (1pt)
  4. Share my business instagram or Facebook account with your friends via social media – Say something like, “hey, do you like pretty photos?? Follow my friend Court!” OR “Hey, looking for a great photographer?? Check out my friend Court” OR you can say something really cool that I haven’t even thought of! 😉  And then link them to my account. @Courtneylivelyphotography on Instagram  Facebook: (1pt)
  5. Share my WM Open Facebook Live announcement OR this blog post with your friends on Facebook, so they too can have a chance to win. (1pt)
  6. Do a random act of kindness – I mean, this has nothing to do with my business, but I mean we could always use more of this. And don’t do it for the tickets, just do it because it feels so good in the soul. Let’s make the world a better place together. Share your Random Act of Kindness on social media, if you’d like. When we share these uplifting stories, we make people smile, and probably motivate them to do good too, so let’s start a positive trend. When you share your Random Act of Kindness with your followers, be sure to tag me or my business so I too can smile when I read about your kind gesture — Smile at a stranger, or buy someone in need a meal, there is no kind act too big or too small! (2pt)

Point system is as follows:

  1. 3 points
  2. 3 points
  3. 1 point
  4. 1 point
  5. 1 point
  6. 2 point

Now, to win… Once you’ve done the things… email me at and tell me what you did, i.e. “I did numbers 1-5” OR I did number 1 and 2. etc. You can title the email “WM Open Entry.” Peeps, this is an honor system thing, yes, you heard that right. Ain’t nobody got time to double-check these things, so if you tell me you did it, I am going to believe you. Now if you lie or pad the truth a little, and then you win…. well, that’s just a bed you’re going to have to sleep in. 😉 You’re all going into one big drawing this year – and the winners will be chosen LIVE on Facebook this Friday (EOD). If you have questions reach out! But please make sure you have read through all of the instructions first!

How To Leave a Review on Google:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar, type in Courtney Lively Photography, hit enter
  3. If on a computer, you will see my business profile on the right side of your search results. Within my business profile, you will see an area with reviews, click into those
  4. If on your phone, you will see my business profile directly under the first ad (big blue box with my business information inside of it). Within my business profile, you will see an area with reviews, click into those
  5. Once in the review section, you will see an area to leave a review of your own. You will need to login in order to prove to Google that you are a real person.
  6. That’s all, you did it, thank you so so much!!

Winners will be selected on January 25th! Thank you all for your support and have fun!