After photographing corporate events for more then seven years, I can tell you there are so many reasons why hiring a professional photographer to capture your events is critical. For the sake of this post, I will go over my top five reasons.





  1. Internal Uses. Using the photos you receive from the event as a reference point for future events can be extremely helpful. True experienced business photographers know the importance of photographing every little detail of your event — not just artistic and pretty things or the main events. We understand the time and money that goes into every aspect of a large corporate event. At CLP, we always keep all of the potential business uses of the photos in mind. Professional photos at events such as these are great for documenting details and reference points – being able to review what was done in the past in order to replicate, or make necessary changes in the future. If team members have specific questions about the event, photos can be used as helpful reference points to account for all of the details. As well, its important to remember that internal teams change, photos can be a huge resource for future team members planning similar events when they have not been a part of the event in the past. Other internal uses of the photographs include displaying them in your annual reports or company yearbooks.





  1. Boosting Company Morale. This can sort of be considered part of the above reason, but it is important enough that I’ll address it separately. A photographer at your corporate event will capture the people behind your company – the essence of your company. The photographs will display your employees in action, which is extremely crucial. Employees like seeing themselves in photos looking good, and a printed photo is a very powerful thing. By hanging photos in your office space, or putting them online, you show your employees you care and make them feel like they belong – photographs help build a community. Group photos are another way to boost company morale. They can be a great gift to your employees and/or can be hung up in the office and hallways. Again, this helps build a community and serves as a reminder of time spent together.





  1. Advertising. This is probably the reason most companies think to hire a professional photographer for their event — to make it public and share it with the world. Let’s say your company has a huge annual charity event. Part of what makes charity events successful is showing the world the good that you do, especially on social media. In addition, photographs of past years events can be used in order to get people to purchase tickets or donate services. Professional photographs of a corporate event can also be used to advertise your company – whether that means to get business from consumers or to get people interested in working for your company. Photographs give a professional and personal edge to your company, and show the world who your company really is — no stock photos involved!





  1. Building Your Brand. This could sort of be a mash up of number one – internal uses – as well as number three – advertising – but it is important and distinct enough to have its own reason. Photographs can help build your company’s image as perceived by your employees or by the outside world as well. Photographs taken by a photographer are going to look professional and appear as a cohesive group, which in turn will help develop the brand of your company. They can also help build a brand for an annual event. Let’s use the same example as above and say you hire a professional photographer to photograph your annual charity event. Your goal for the event is to obviously raise money and to grow your event each year. In order to do so, it is important that the event have a certain look, logo – a brand to it. A professional photographer can help you create this distinct look for your event.





  1. Logistics. Counting on an internal employee to cover all of the bases for your photography needs is simply too much. A professional photographer will come prepared with high quality equipment, back-up gear and will know the in’s and out’s of important event days such as these. We know how to be unobtrusive and professional, while ensuring we get all of the necessary images for your team. In addition, we have professional photo delivery and editing capabilities that allow for the seamless delivery of large amounts of big files – someone who is not a professional will underestimate the importance of this part of the process, nor will they have the abilities or experience to work through it with ease. We understand the importance of speed and ease when it comes to receiving your images – We know time is money, and at CLP you can count on us to productively and professionally meet all of your photography needs.





And there you have it folks – my top five reasons why you would want to hire a professional photographer for your corporate events!