At CLP, we understand that most brides aren’t trained models. We also understand that some people feel really uncomfortable when they know they’re being photographed. At the same time, we realize you want to look your best in your images. After-all, this is one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll be looking back at these images for years to come! Here are 5 easy to remember tips for getting great wedding day images.

  1. Try to forget we’re there. I know that’s not very easy…. but do your best to go about your wedding day festivities without constantly reminding yourself that there’s a camera on you. Our job is to document your day, so let it flow the way it’s supposed to and we’ll capture the magic that unfolds. We’ll be sure to let you know when we need you to pose for us, or look towards the camera.
  2. Don’t forget we’re there! Haha. This is confusing, I know. But while you’re going about your day and letting raw moments unfold, remember that there is, in-fact, a camera on you…. so keep that smile coming. If you’re opening a gift, move slowly. If I ask you to kiss, hold it a little longer then normal. Take your time walking down that aisle, look up, smile, take it all in! Try your best to let your true emotions show, but also try your best to avoid those awkward faces. I know we don’t always know when we’re doing it, but just keep this tip in the back of your mind and maybe you’ll catch yourself mid-snort. 😉 If all else fails, just smile or laugh and it’s sure to be a moment to remember.
  3. Remember what it’s all about. You and your partner. So let that love shine through. When you look at each other, really look each other. Look deep into those eye’s and let yourself remember the true meaning of the day. Today, you are marrying your one true love. Today, you say “I do” to do your best friend. Today, is the first day of the rest of your life. (*SNAP*) See what I did there. I’m always watching. If you focus on your partner, and your love for that person, all that noise around you will go away and it will show in your images. Show me the love and don’t hold back!
  4. Know your angles. OK, maybe we’re getting a little picky here… But, let’s give it a shot! No pun intended. 😉 If you have a side you prefer, let me know. Maybe it’s the side where your hairstylist added a little extra flare, maybe it’s the eye that’s just slightly bigger then the other. No one else notices, but you always do! So, let me know these things and I’ll keep them in mind throughout the day. Most of us have no clue which is our best side but one thing we can all do to look more flattering in images is loosen up! Pop a hip, turn your head, shift your weight, bend a knee, drop a shoulder, stand at a slight an angle, lean in towards the camera. No! Not all at once! But when we put our body parts on different planes, we show-off more flattering angles – ultimately, we look less rigid and more comfortable. Go ahead, practice in a mirror (doooooo it), you’ll see what I mean. But keep in mind, these movements are tiny, slight, small…. Don’t go over board, otherwise we’re just back where we started! Doh.
  5. Let’s practice! An Engagement shoot is a great way for us to get to know one another. While we’re shooting, I’ll be sure to give you some great ideas about how to look your best. We’ll discover your best angles and how you’re most comfortable behind the camera. You’ll also get great insight on what it’s like to work with me. Remember, your wedding photographer is with you ALLLLL day on your wedding day — you better like them! 😉 My hope is that by the time your wedding day comes, we’ll be old friends.