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I was a petite little girl with long blonde hair, a soft sweet smile, a compassionate demeanor, and the need for crushing people while wearing hockey skates and 10lbs of gear. Because of this I know exactly what it feels like to stand out from the crowd. And although I always took pride in being different, it wasn’t always easy. Being a kid is tough, and being a kid who swims upstream while everyone else is swimming down is even tougher.

Courtney Lively Photography is excited to present a new passion project to you. Courtney Lively Photography – Inspired is a unique photo series celebrating kids in the Phoenix area who are standing out from the crowd. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Courtney Lively Photography – Inspired is here to prove just how true that is. In this photo series Courtney Lively Photography – Inspired will introduce you to kids all across the metro-Phoenix area who are making their families proud, their communities proud, and most importantly, they are making their-selves proud. Be sure to check back in next week to meet our first hero — Courtney Lively Photography – Inspired can’t wait to tell your stories!

Courtney as a Mite hockey player after winning the California State Championships

Courtney as Mite hockey player after winning the California State Championships