Nothing can replace experience when it comes to working as a photographer at the professional level. At CLP, we are professional photographers. We’ve shot all kinds of events and sessions and there a very few things we haven’t come across at this point. Every wedding, every event, every portrait session allows an opportunity for us to grow, learn and get better at our trade.

As professionals, We know it’s best to do our homework ahead of time so we’re not busy looking at shot notes throughout the day – missing raw moments and wasting valuable time. We know that gear breaks, get’s damaged, stolen, lost…. So we bring back-ups. We know that wedding day timelines get complicated and rarely go as expected. We plan for that. You see plan A, but we also have a plan B and C, to ensure that nothing important get’s missed. I can go on for days about all the lessons I’ve learned over-time that have only made me better at what I do, but the purpose of this post isn’t to talk about what I know, it’s to talk about what I don’t know. And thats where you come in.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you as the client to communicate your wants, needs and expectations for your photography. Something that you may think is totally ordinary in a shot line-up, may be something that another bride or client would have never thought about. It’s important that you remember that we work with all kinds of different people, from different cultures with different traditions. Yes, we know wedding days like the back of our hand…. and we know the general flow of how most corporate events go. Or what most families want out of their family portrait session. But there will always be things that are unique to you. So please, over-communicate what you want!

To clarify, I’m not asking you to send us a 3 page document that you downloaded from The Knot that bullets out every. single. photo. that should be taken on a wedding day. I promise, we know to get “the kiss” shot during the ceremony, and we know you’ll want plenty of photos of the “bride and groom together.” What we don’t know is that your grandma will be leaving directly after the ceremony because she’s not well, so it’s important that we get her photographs done pre-ceremony. What we don’t know is that your mom’s best friend flew all the way across the country to be able to be at your wedding day, and although she’s not listed in any of the family formals, she is still a very important person to capture throughout the day. We need to know the things that only you know. If you saw a photo on Pinterest of a gorgeous bride, posed like a princess and you thought…. I need a photo like that — I can’t wait to have a photo where I feel like a gorgeous, perfect, princess. Tell us, please, because although we may get many gorgeous photos of you throughout your day – if you don’t see that one, you know, that one that you envisioned in your head, that you never told us about… You may not see it come through your gallery. And although you’ll love your photos, there will be an inkling of disappointment… and thats the last thing we want!

I referenced weddings a lot in that last paragraph, but communication is important no matter what kind-of session we are shooting for you. Like I’ve said before, the photos we take are for you, your company, your family — not us. So let us in that mind of yours and tell us exactly what your expecting. The more we know, the more likely it will be that we can deliver the product you were hoping for.

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