She may only stand just over 4ft tall but folks, this girls golf game is BIG.

Brooke M. Inspired-1
Brooke has just graduated from 5th grade but in her short time on this planet she has already played in over 50 golf tournaments, won numerous championships and has had more birdies then most any of us big people can say. This last year, as a fifth grade elementary school student, Brooke was invited to “play-up” on the Middle School Golf Team. She’s in the running to be the top golfer in her age group and I assure you, she won’t stop there.

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When asked if she plays golf a lot. She answered, “not really.” When asked exactly how often she plays, she said, “about five or six times a week.” I guess you know what they say, if you love what you do then it never really feels like work.

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She is described by her grandmother as caring, compassionate, brilliant, giving, loving, and full of life. But don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you. On the golf course, this chick has one thing on her mind, and it’s winning. She loves the sweet smell of victory, and those shiny medals don’t hurt either. This day and age winning and losing gets a bad rap. We’re all winners, right? But hard work pays off and there’s nothing wrong with that Brooke!

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She says her friends don’t always understand her commitment to her sport. It’s tough missing fun things with friends because you have practice or tournaments. Once in awhile she’ll get made fun of because of her love for golf. It isn’t exactly the norm for girls her age to want to spend more time with a 5-iron then at the mall with their friends. But she doesn’t let it get to her. She’s see’s a bright future for herself, a professional golfer to be exact. A few smart comments and Negative Nelly’s don’t hold a champion back — It only fuels the fire.

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What’s Brooke’s proudest moment? Qualifying for the U.S. Kids World Championships last year. Yes, WORLD championship. The tournament was held at Pinehurst in North Carolina. Pinehurst is known as one of the greatest and most historic places for golf in this country and few people ever get the opportunity to play there. At the mere age of ten, Brooke earned the opportunity to play there. And guess what? She qualified again this year, so she will be returning in August to show the world what she’s got.

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Brooke sounds pretty great, huh!? Well, I’ve got good news for you. Brooke is one of our own. She lives right here in Peoria, AZ. She attends our schools, is friends with our kids, and lifts our community to a higher standard. When she’s not golfing you’ll likely find her spending a-whole-lot of quality time with her family. Especially her parents, her big brother Bradley whom she adores, her loving grandparents, and her Uncle D. who she has a very special connection with. Brooke’s uncle is handicapped, and if you asked her parents one of the things about her that makes them most proud, they would likely say it’s the love and care she shows to her sweet Uncle. She lights him up with her happy energy and her heart of gold.

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Brooke, it’s been my pleasure and honor to feature you in my first-ever {Inspired post}. Thank you for representing your family so well, for representing all of us Phoenicians so well — for making us proud and most of all for making yourself proud! Stand tall Birdie Brooke and never stop shining!

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